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Chinese Medicine Machine
YF Series High Speed Chinese

YF Series High Speed Chinese Medicine Pulverizer

It is the necessary machine for Chinese Medicine Drugstores instead oftraditional grinding tool. It is¡­

Pill Making Machine

WZ-2 Manual Pill Making Machine

According to the need of market, our company produces the manual pilling making machine; it is easy to operate, clean and ¡­

WZ-3 Electric Pill Making Machine

The company had successfully developed the small table-model machine and sweet-pill machine and realized the batch production ¡­

WZ-50, WZ-100 High Round Chinese Medicine Auto Pill Making Machine

WZ-150 Vertical Shocking Hoisting Machine

Multifuncitonal Chinese Medicine Slicing Machine

DYQ Series Multifunctional Chinese Medicine Slicing Machine

Decocting Packing Machine

BJY150-1 Automatic Decocting Packing Machine

BJY150-2Automatic Decocting Packing Machine

BJY150-3 Automatic Decocting Packing Machine


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