LT Self-adhesive Labeller  
  This machine is suitable for labeling the round-shape bottles or all kinds of similar containers. In using LT¡¯S motor enables and PLC the labeling process more accurate and stable. In addition, you can add the warning device to print the all data you need. It turn task into fully automatic.  
  Main Technical Specifications:  
1. Labels speed: ¨Q35m/min

2. Bottle range: 18~100mm

3. Labels range:
¡¡Inner diameter of label¡¯s roll¡¯s core: 76mm
¡¡Outer maximum diameter: 350mm
¡¡Length: 10~200mm
¡¡Width: 10~80mm

4. Power: 220V 50HZ

5. Watts: 0.8kw

6. Weight: 300kg