Bulgarian 400L Multi-functional Extracting Line
This line isour company design and supply to Bangladesh customer (ARCARIDA HERBA LTD). Total line is including the following machines:
Q 400L Multi-functional Extracting Tank
The Chinese Medicine Extracting Device is used for Chinese Medical cooking, extracting multi-using device. It can finish the Chinese Medicine Extraction, Oil-separating, alcohol recycling etc working procedure operation.
The device including extracting tank (main device), heating exchanger, catch collector, oil-water separator. The parts which contact with the material are made of stainless steel, so the equipment has the well anti-corrosive. It can ensure the quality of Chinese Medicine and also can make the equipment to be long-life.
The equipment in the extracting process is through condensator, catch collector, separator etc form the complete sealing system which can be recycled; meanwhile, it can recycle the organic solution in the waste.
Working Principle

The complete extracting process finishes in the complete sealing recycling system. It can be extracted in the common temperature pressure or low pressure low temperature. Whatever for water, mellow, oil extracting or other usage, the detailed technology process requires according to the medical characteristic to decide.

Our factory equipment is only for common water extracting, mellow extracting and oil extracting, their basic principle introduce(see technology process flow drawing).
Extracting Principle:
  1. For water extracting: water and Chinese medicine are filled into the extracting tank, and then start give steam for the jacket. After boiling and then reduce the steam, and keep its boring is ok. If the sealing extracting need the cooling water makes the steam cool and into the extracting tank to keep it recycling and temperature.
  2. For mellow extracting: firstly put the Chinese medicine material and alcohol into the tank but must seal the jacket steam. Open the cooling water in order to reach the required temperature and then reducing the steam to make the cooled alcohol can recycle is ok. In order to increase the efficiency, it can use stirrer to extract the efficient contents of Chinese medicine.
  3. For oil extracting: firstly put the Chinese medicine with easy-volatility oil into the extracting tank, open the circular valve oil separator. Open the steam valve to reach the evaporating temperature and then open the cooling water to go on cooling. The cooled water liquid should be kept in a certain height to make it separate. The two oil separator can be changed in turn.
  4. Recycle the alcohol (see the process drawing):Put the alcohol into the tank, send the cooling water for steam. And then open the recycling valve is ok.
Main Data



0.4m 3

1m 3

3m 3

4m 3

6m 3

Working pressure of inner tank (Mpa)

Common Pressure

Working pressure of jacket (Mpa)






Working pressure of cylinder (Mpa)


Condensator area (m 2 )






Main material

Stainless steel / Carbon Steel

DN 200L Single Efficient Concentractor
Main Specifications
The equipment is made of vertical-type heater, evaporator, condensator and pipe valve etc. the vacuum system can be with other equipment for the water spraying or vacuum pump.

Main Technical Specifications as follows:

Evaporating capacity: 150 -3000kg /h (cleaning water);

Heating steam pressure: 0.05~0.09Mpa;

Consumption steam capacity: ~150-3000/kg/h;

Consumption water capacity: ~15t/h (after cooling can be used recycling).