Bangladesh Oral Liquid Production Line

  This oral liquid production is our company design and supply to Bangladesh customer (NOVO Healthcare and Pharma Ltd.). The line is suitable for 25ml, 60ml, 125ml, 250ml round shape plastic oral liquid bottle, and its production capacity is: 40~60bottles/min. Total line is including the following machines:


  GP-900 Bottle-supplying Machine:
  The machine used as a assistant machine for all sorts of production line, it has the function of storing and arranging bottles.
  Bottle-supplying Capacity: meet 1 phase requirements;
  Rotary Plate Diameter: ¦µ900;
  Electrical Source: 220V 50HZ 3phase 4 wire;
  Power: 0.3KW;
  Overall size: 1100ˇÁ700ˇÁ 1200mm .
  SXP Plastic Bottle Washing Machine
  This machine is used for cleaning of the plastic Bottles in the Oral Liquid Production Line, especially used for the irregular plastic bottle. The machine applies cycling type structure, bottle clamp to clamp bottles to finish washing bottles. After the bottles go through the used water, de-ion water (or other cleaning liquid) two inside and outside many times washing, and then blow the remaining water by purifying compressed air to reach the aim of cleaning.

Its structure is simple; operating is convenient, meets GMP requirements. It is the ideal equipment for pharmaceutical and healthcare factory.

  Main Technical Specifications:
  Production capacity: 40 ˇ« 60bottles/min
  Applicable speed: 25ml/60ml/125ml/250ml round bottle
  Turning used water flow capacity: 0.6m3 /h, Pressure: 0.2 ˇ« 0.25MPa
  Distilled water capacity: 0.6m3 /h, Pressure:0.2 ˇ« 0.25Mpa
  Purifying compressed air consumption capacity: 60m3 /h, Pressure: 0.2 ˇ« 0.25MPa
  Electrical source: 380V 50Hz 3 phase 4 wire
  Power: 5KW
  Equipment Plan
  Operating Principle
  The bottles through Bottle-in Tray enter the Conveyer, and the bottles are delivered into each gap of Dial Bottle Wheel through conveyer. And the Bottle-in Dial Wheel again deliver each bottle into the Bottle Clamp, the Bottle Clamp can auto clamp tightly the bottle and turn over 180 o . The bottle mouth is down, with the Rotary Tray moves, each bottle through the Turning Used Water, Tap Water and Purified Water for inner and outer cleaning, and then blows the remaining water by purifying compressed air to reach the aim of cleaning.
  KGF Oral Liquid Anti-thief Cover Filling and Sealing Machine
  The machine can the auto bottle-in, filling, cover-in, cover-screwing and bottle-out etc action. The structure is simple, action is dependable coordination, well synchronization, can be used in a single, and also in a production line. It is the ideal filling equipment for pharmaceutical and healthcare factory.
  Main Technical Specifications:
  Suitable bottle: 26ml/70/125ml/250ml round bottles;

Production Capacity:40~60 bottles/min;

  Filling Type: Four pump straight line type;
  Filling Precision: ˇŔ1%;

P lacement rateˇÝ99%;


Power: 2KW ( the machine shell must touch with the ground);


Electric Source: 380V 50Hz Three-phase and four Lines

  Main Structure (as drawing)
  DJ Light Inspector
  This is a machine for inspecting the items such as sealing of Oral Liquid Bottle, dose quantity and impurity status, etc. Lighted by the white lamp and magnified by magnifier, all the inspection items of the transparent vials and the medicament are clear.

Main Technical Specifications

  Application range: 25ml/60ml/125ml/250ml crystal bottles;

Inspection speed: 40~60vials/min.


Inspecting type: with eyes;

  Power Supply: 220V 60Hz 3-phase 4-wire;

Total Power: 0.5 Kw


Operating Principle:

  The oral liquid bottles to be inspected before enter the vial supply plate, the dial vial wheel dial the bottle in the light inspecting position. Each time dial two bottles, and the dialed bottles in the position of light inspecting, the operator inspect the two bottles.
  Single-phase capacitance electric motor drives the plate, another single-phase capacitance electric motor drives the second thumb wheel to feed the vials into the lamp inspection position in patches, there is parallel lights on the back of the vials and amplifier on the front. In this way, all the items to be inspected are clear. When there are unqualified vials, please loose the pedal to stop the machine, take out the unqualified bottle from the top and then tread the pedal to restart.

The machine has the roll bottle protecting device, when the Dial Bottle Wheel appears the roll bottles, the Dial Bottle Wheel will stop moving, meanwhile should loose and close the pedal switch, eliminates the rolling bottles, and adjust the Dial Bottle Wheel and then open the pedal to start to work continually.

  Structure Plan:
  XVP-1 Undried Glue Labeling Machine
  The fully automated labeling machine, Model XVP-1 produced by our company, is suitable for the labeling many different bottles in the production line. It has many functions, automatically separating the bottles, labeling and rolling. The label sticking is controlled by the advanced microcomputer photoelectrical system, so it is efficient and high quality. This machine is clean, highly reliable, and easy to operate and regulate. So it is the ideal equipment in the production line of medicinal oral liquid.
  Main Technical Specifications
  Production Capacity: 40-60 bottles/min;

Bottle Specification : 25m /60ml/125ml/250ml;


Label Paper Specification:The length is smaller than the circumference of the bottle;


Label Interval: 3 -4m ;

  Label Roll Specification:
  ˇˇˇˇˇˇˇˇˇˇˇˇˇˇˇˇˇˇˇˇˇˇˇˇˇˇExternal diameterˇÜ 350mm ;Internal Diameter of the paper¦Ő76;
  Power of the Machine: 1Kw AC 220V 50Hz

Electrical Principle

  The motor of this machine is single-phase electric capacity motor and the rotational speed is constant. The electric motor of the receiving sticks is a five-phase stepper motor, specially designed for this purpose. This machine is still furnished with the special-purpose heat and print nose. The electric motor is suitable for working below 120 degrees Centigrade. This machine is controlled by a photoelectric switch, stepper motor, sticker apparatus, and all the movements are controlled by PLC.
  Plane sketch of the equipment
  Photoelectric Principle and Trouble Analysis
  There are two photoelectric detections, one is for the bottles, and the other one is for the labels.

SS Transmitting Belt


1. Legs and tops: Would have to be SS sheet grade AISI304
2. Belt width: 8-10 inch (previously I mentioned 1 feet)
3. Speed of the belt: You mentioned speed is 2 m /min, but we nee 0 -10 m /min.
4. Motor: 440V, AC, 50 Hz, 1.0 HP, 1400 rpm
5. Working space: 2 feet
6. SS polishing: Mirror polish for legs and dull polish for top
7. Height: 32 inch from floor
8. Driving unit that is motor, gear box have to be covered by SS sheet grade AISI 304.