Dominican Republic Antibiotic Bottle Powder Line



  CXP Ultrasonic Bottle Cleaning Machine  
This washer is suitable for small capacity vials, it acquires the reel structure, after the vials have been roughly ultrasonic washed, flush the vials with recycle water, distill water for many times, then blow away the drops by purified compressed air to finish the wash procedure.
  This washer has a simple structure, reliable movements and accord with the GMP standards which is the ideal equipment for pharmaceutical and health products manufacturers.  
  Main technical specifications  
  Production capacity: 80~120 bottles/min.  
  Application range:       7-20ml antibiotic bottle  
  Recycle water flux:      0.5m3 /h Pressure:0.2 ゛ 0.25Mpa  
  Distilled water flux:      0.5m3 /h Pressure:0.2 ゛ 0.25Mpa  
  Purified compressed air consumption rate: 30m3 /h  
  Pressure:          0.2~0.25MPa    
  Ultrasonic Power:       0.5Kw  
  Electric Source:        220V 60Hz  
  Main Power:         3Kw  
  Operating Principle  
  The vials are arranged by the vial supply plate and enter the thumb wheels, the couple of thumb wheels rotate in opposite directions, in each circle, 4~8 vials are stirred into the vial washing drum; the drum does tenth intermittent movement, when the drum pauses, vials enter it, there are 10 groups of vial feeding tracks on the drum, each track is divided into two parts, the first one is the ultrasonic process area and the second one is the wash area. During each pause, the same numbers of vials leave the drum as the ones enter. All the finished vials will be sent in the complete chamber.  
  Equipment Plan  
  GMH Series High-temperature Sterilization Tunnel Oven  
  This machine is the support equipment of the liquid, powder production lines which is used for drying and sterilizing different types of glasses. It acquires the far infrared ray quartz tube for heating so that it can raise the temperature very fast, has high thermal efficiency and it can fully sterilize. The cooling segment set 100 classes vertical laminar flow equipment, automatic temperature record and over heating alarm, etc. It is accord with the GMP medicine production specifications.  
  Main Technical Specifications  
  Application Range :         7-20 ml antibiotic bottle  
  Production capacity:        80~120 vials/min  
  Temperature adjustment range:   50~ 350 <C  
  Cooling Method:          100 class vertical laminar flow cooling  
  Effective sterilizing time:      10 min. in the heated zone  
  Air Draft:             3400~ 3800m 3 /h Full Pressure 180~320 Pa  
  Main Power:           + 25KW  
  Electric Source:          220V 60Hz Three-phase and four-wire system (shell shall be effectively earthed)  
  Operating Principle  
  After decelerated by the reducer, the reducer drives the main shaft to rotate slowly, there are two groups of chain wheel on the shaft. Stainless steel chains are installed on the two sides of the belt conveyer which is driven by the chain wheel to move up and down. The vials need to be sterilized and dried are put on the belt then they are brought through the three zones of pre-heating, high temperature and cooling which fully dries, sterilizes and cools the vials  
  The air curtain can lock the quantity of heat within the high temperature box; the heating within the box is accomplished by a group of heating tubes, the temperature can be controlled by the temperature controller and record by the recorder; cooling is provided by the cooling fan, after filtered by the high efficiency filter, the vials are sterilized and dust free.  
  Structure Plan  
  FJZ Powder Calculating and Packing Machine  
  This is integrated equipment for antibiotic bottles racking & pressing which automatically complete vial feed, bottle racking, can automatically send to press, press and finish. It has a simple structure, reliable movements and stable performance which make it as the ideal equipment for the pharmaceutical factories' bottles producing.  
  Main Specifications:  
  Production capacity:     80~85 bottles/min.  
  Application Range:      7m 20ml antibiotic bottle  
  Filling volume:        0.1 -1g  
  Filling Accuracy:       \2 ァ \5  
  Power:             2KW  
  Electric Source:       220V 60Hz 3phase 4wire  
  Operating Principle  
  The empty vials are pushed into the vial supply plate by vial supply filler, with the rotation of the vial supply plate, the vials enter the track and the conveyer in turn, the conveyer will convey the vials to the gaps of the equal plate which is intermittent moving, each time the plate rotates, it passes 2 gaps, 2 vials will be taken away to the filling position, plugging and pressing position and finish position. When the bottle is sent to the filling and racking position, the photoelectric head will transfer the signal to the step motor, the step motor drives the metering screw and fill the bottles into the vials from the filler; when the filled vial is conveyed to the plugging position, the rubber plug is gripped by the plugging knock head, the plug is pressed on the vial neck; the plugged and pressed vial will be conveyed to the finish position and conveyed to the next procedure.  
  Filling: fill the material into the chamber, start the bottles convey motor, the motor drives the delivering screw within the chamber to deliver the bottles into the filler, when the height of the bottles in the chamber reaches the height of the observation window, the system can be started (when the height of the bottles in the chamber exceeds the center of the observation window, the motor shall be stopped). The rotation screw in the filler can homogenize the bottles automatically, the bottle is delivered to the measure screw, the photoelectric sensor detected vial, a signal will be sent to the CIP, CIP sends a pulse to the step motor, the motor operate once according to the preset rotate speed and distance; when the motor rotates, it drives the measure screw to rotate, bottles will be pushed into the vials by the screw.  
  Main Structure  
  XZG Planet Type Capping Machine  
  This machine is suitable for aluminium cap seal of vials, it acquires eight heads continuous sealing, guillotine is single type so that it has the advantage of simple structure, smoothly running and high output. It is the ideal ancillary equipment for the vials pouring in product line.  
  Technical Specifications  
  Application range:    7ml~20ml antibiotic bottle  
  Production capacity:   80~100 bottles/min.  
  Capping rate:       −99  
  Failure rate:       +1°  
  Electric source:      220V 60Hz Three-Phase Four Line System  
  Total Power:       1KW  
  Main Structure  
  Main Structure: it consists of vial arranging plate, front thumb wheel, back thumb wheel, capping group, vibrating cap arranging and vial releasing shelf.  
  Operating Principle  
  The vial arranging plate takes charge of arranging vials and send them to the front thumb wheel; the front thumb wheel prod the caps into the gap of the capping thumb wheel and draw on the aluminum cap on the vial neck automatically during prodding; the caps are arranged and sent by electromagnetic oscillator automatically; after the caps entered the gap of the capping thumb wheel, the base of the vial rises, rotate and compact the vial and cap together with the cap screw, the cap rotate and revolute cling to the guillotine to be sealed; then the base of the vial descends, the sealed vial enters the back thumb wheel and probed into the cap releasing shelf by the back thumb wheel.  
  DJ-2 Light Inspector  
  This is a machine for inspecting the items such as sealing of antibiotic bottle, dose quantity and impurity status, etc. Lighted by the white lamp and magnified by magnifier, all the inspection items of the transparent vials and the medicament are clear.  
  Technical Specifications  
  Application range:      7-20 ml antibiotic bottle  
  Inspection speed:       80-100 bottle/min.  
  Magnification times:     1.5  
  Electric source:       220V 60Hz Three-phases and four lines system  
  Total Power:         0.6Kw  
  Structure Plan  
  Operating Principle  
  The antibiotic bottle to be inspected enter the vial supply plate, with the rotation of the plate, they are arranged to 2 rows then enter the second thumb wheel. The thumb wheel stirs them to the lamp inspection position for inspection. After that, they are sent out of the lamp box to the next procedure.  
  Single-phase capacitance electric motor drives the plate, another single-phase capacitance electric motor drives the second thumb wheel to feed the vials into the lamp inspection position in patches, there is parallel lights on the back of the vials and amplifier on the front. In this way, all the items to be inspected are clear. When there are unqualified vials, please loose the pedal to stop the machine, take out the unqualified bottle from the top and then tread the pedal to restart